Your Teeth Are Your Best Friend

When we are born we don’t have any teeth.  They start to come in when we reach one year of age.  From here our teeth grow until we reach seven or eight years old.  It is at this time we begin to lose our baby teeth and have our adult teeth take their place.   Throughout the rest of our lives our adult teeth will be used on a daily basis to chew food, help us talk and much more.  This is why engaging in good oral healthcare will help keep our teeth healthy and strong.

Brushing your teeth

The first step in oral healthcare is to brush your teeth.  Every day when we consume food and drink liquids we are exposing our teeth to harmful contaminants that will begin to eat away at our teeth.  The way that this can be prevented is if we brush them.

Brushing our teeth is a practice that needs to be done twice a day.  Typically we will brush our teeth in the morning when we wake up to get rid of morning breath as well as at night to ensure we have everything we have consumed throughout the course of the day cleaned.


Flossing is the next step in the process.  When we floss we are removing food particles from between our teeth.  When we eat meat, corn and other foods small particles can become lodged between our teeth.  Using a piece of floss will help remove these particles.

Good oral hygiene

When we engage in good oral hygiene we are setting the stage for great teeth and gums.  However, there are situations where our teeth may be in need of repair or replacement.  In these situations consulting your dentist as to the best course of action is wise.  In many cases your teeth may need to be replaced.  If this occurs it will be wise to look for affordable dentures in Tempe, AZ.  Dentures are artificial teeth that when implanted in your mouth will act like the teeth that needed to be replaced.

Foods to avoid

Taking care of your teeth starts with the foods and beverages we consume.  Staying away from foods that are high in sugars and acids will keep these chemicals away from your teeth.  Foods such as soda, candy, alcohol, gums with sugars are all foods we need to stay away from.  If however, you must have these foods only consume them in moderation and make sure to brush and floss after every meal.

engaging in good oral healthcareaffordable dentures in Tempe, AZ


Mouthwash is another vital component to oral health.  After brushing and flossing make sure to use mouthwash.  Mouthwash will help wash away the remaining particles brushing and flossing leave behind.  Using an antibacterial mouthwash will also help in removing extra germs from your mouth as well.

Consult your dentist

The last thing people want to do is sit in a dentist’s office.  However, doing so at least once a year for a checkup can be of benefit to you and your oral health.

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