How long can the shelf life of custom-made cartons be?

Editor:嘉興吉美包裝有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-07-26 

How long can the shelf life of custom-made cartons be? Packaging usually talks to us about the three common problems of time, cost, and quality in the process of customizing heavy cartons. Nianwang Packaging will also consider a batch of heavy cartons after processing, assuming that within a short period of time, The merchant hasn't used up all of it and stored it in the warehouse. About how long it can be stored, is what we often call the shelf life.

This shelf life is actually based on different paper materials and the craftsmanship used in the custom-made process of heavy carton production, like our common physical crafts, like common cardboard slotting, and partly because of the masters of Nianwang Packaging. Mistakes in paper discrimination and excessive pressure on the corrugating rollers resulted in a weak change in the current pressure and concave effect of the cardboard, which caused the paper material itself to be deformed.

After this process, the cardboard surface of the carton will appear tighter and stiffer in about 10 to 12 months, and as a small part of the water volatilizes, the plane will be slightly bent and become a comparison. The weak shape, this shape of Nianwang carton can no longer be used. Many Nianwang packaging assumes that the filming process is not used, then the time for this situation will be even shorter.

In addition to the operation of the physical process mentioned above, there are also differences in the paper data itself. The storage capacity of general ox jam paper and high-quality ox jam paper is not as good as that of high-quality ox jam paper, but high-quality ox jam paper appears. The phenomenon of "expiration" is special. It does not appear deformed, but is reflected in yellowing. After being stored for about one or two years, the cardboard will be slightly yellowed slightly under the influence of climate or environment, but the yellowing component is not. Especially remarkable.

Therefore, this has little effect. On the other hand, the general cow card paper, because its weight is not as high as the high-quality cow card, and the cost is lower than the high-quality cow card. As a data comparison, the merchants who control the cost will use it more, so the general cow card paper It is attributed to the kind that is relatively simple to deform.

In the past few years, the common shelf life of cartons, assuming that the merchants have more customized cartons, and if they cannot use all of them in a short period of time, it is recommended that the cartons be used first before problems occur, instead of storing them in the warehouse all the time. The environment of the warehouse, unless it is professional, it is difficult to achieve a proper environment for storing paper.